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Wood products tend to react to differences in environment and temperature levels. A painted wood door can show joint lines caused by the movement of wood in different weather conditions and temperatures. A one piece MDF door will not show joint lines.

Warranty: All of our finished or unfinished doors including our 1 piece MDF line carry a limited warranty of 1 Year. Damages caused by mishandling, bad finishing by another party, cleaning with harsh materials and detergents, soapy water, heat and steam generated by appliances or poor storage conditions are not covered by warranty.

Slab doors are made from solid wood and shrinkage and warping can occur with acute temperature changes and/or incorrect humidity levels of which we have no control once the doors have left our shop. As a result shrinkage and warping of these products is not covered under warranty.

We recommend adding a mid-rail to all doors 49” or greater in height. This helps to reduce warping. Doors of 49” high x 20” wide or larger will not be warranted for warping. Doors under this size will be warranted for warping only if bow is greater than 2mm. In over-wide doors a centre stile can be added for the same reason. This should be noted on the order. Mitered doors will not have any provisions for mid-rails. Camp River may request that warped doors be returned before credit or remake is issued.

All doors are custom made to sizes ordered and confirmed by the customer.

All orders must specify height x width and quantity.

Orders can be placed in metric or imperial sizes. Our CNC machine is accurate up to half of a millimetre.

All sizes should be clearly marked as doors, drawer fronts, slabs, glass frames, mullions, end panels, etc.

Raised Panel drawer fronts less than 8” in height will have reduced top and bottom rails. To have a full panel profile, rails must be reduced enough to give a distance of 3 ¼” between top and bottom rails. Any less than this and it will result in a reduced panel profile. In order to size doors on the CNC machine the minimum rail width is 1 ½”. Our standard frame is 2 ¼” wide and all orders will be made to this specification unless otherwise noted on the order.

One piece and two piece MDF doors/drawer fronts with a height of 5”-6 ½” will have reduced top and bottom rail width of 1 ½”. Anything less than 5” will be made slab. One piece Raised Panel MDF doors/drawer fronts with a height of 6”-8” will have 1 ½” top and bottom rail width, less than 6” will be slabs. Customer specifications different to this will be accepted if tooling allows.

Grain directions are vertical on all flat panel doors and drawer fronts unless requested otherwise. Grains on raised panel doors are vertical and horizontal on drawer fronts. Slab drawer fronts will be horizontal. Grain direction on ¾” Veneer doors and drawer fronts are done to customer specification.

All orders are to be confirmed by customer prior to manufacturing. Door sizes, styles, profiles, material and finishes (if required) should all be checked thoroughly and the order should be signed and faxed back noting any changes to be made. A total cost can be issued prior to confirmation on request. An estimated ship date/due date will be issued at this stage. A delay in confirmation will result in a change to the estimated due date. Orders are scheduled usually with a 2 week lead time for unfinished doors and 3 weeks for a finished door order (subject to material availability). Once a signed confirmation is received any changes must be made within 24 hours or will be subject to additional cost. Any mistake in order confirmation must be made clear at the outset failing which it will become the customer’s responsibility.

Colour match finishes will be subject to an additional fee and may impinge on the standard one week finishing lead time. A paint sample can be produced for customer sign off prior to commencing the finishing of the order for an additional cost. Lead time will be calculated from the date that the colour sample is signed off.

Camp River utilizes both solid and veneered wood materials in its products. Due to normal variations in the density and graining of wood itself, the same stain applied to another piece of the same wood species may result in a somewhat different appearance. This variation can be greater when comparing solid wood to veneers.  Additionally, wood species in all finishes will exhibit colour changes when exposed to all types of light (natural and man-made).  It is the general nature of wood to darken over time.  This ageing process is not hindered by the finishing process.

Additional charges may apply to custom profiles and other custom work. Arches that require templates will incur an additional template fee.

Rush orders will be subject to scheduling also and a confirmed due date will not be issued. Most “Rush” or “ASAP” orders are usually completed within 3 business days (subject to material availability and production constraints).

All pricing is subject to change due to price fluctuations within the lumber industry. Camp River Woodworking Ltd., reserves the right to change prices according to current material costs and will give sufficient advance notice of any such changes. Any quotes given prior to these changes will be honoured. All pricing is based on a minimum 1.25 sq.ft per piece.

Delivery: Orders can be shipped via courier for an additional cost. Freight is calculated on shipment value not quantity.

Credit Policy: The Company requests that accounts are paid in full on or before the 15th day of the month following the statement issue date.

Interest is charged at 2% per month 30 days from date of statement.

New customers are required to complete a credit application and until approved, shipments will be on a C.O.D. basis (50% deposit with balance payable on receipt for first 3 orders).

Date: September 28, 2011